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One Room Challenge, Fall 2017 Week 6: Urban Farmhouse Laundry Room Renovation

One Room Challenge Fall 2017, week 6! Over the past 6 weeks we've worked to balance our urban farmhouse laundry room make-over with our kids volleyball, soccer, and football games. We've managed to watch our Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks pull off some wins (and losses). We've experienced Halloween and all the associated festivities, while most recently we celebrated our son's 11th birthday. Alongside life, we've attempted to warrior through the weekends in order to get this one room challenge completed in 6 weeks (or 6 weekends for us). Unfortunately, it didn't quite happen.....close but no cigar for the Hatchettes!

Today we will celebrate what is finished! Check out the charging area for our kid's technology!

A working faucet!

An amazing integrated dog kennel, although still vacant!

A quick test run for Stella!

Updated lighting!

What's left for the final weekend, and hopefully our last to-to list for the laundry room!

1. Face the shelving.

2. Attach the face plate of the former drawer. The drawer was removed in order to accommodate the sink:

3. Face the wire on the inside of the dog's door.

4. Face these cabinets and install the hanging rod between the two cabinets:

That about wraps it up for week 6. Check back in for the completely finished space and the before and afters next week!

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