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My Favorite Glass Vase (And A Glass of Apple Cider) For Under $10

We use glass jars, bottles and vases all around the house for decor, but one of my favorites is this glass jug. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. This beautiful, yet simple, over-sized bottleneck jug is actually a cider bottle from Whole Foods......and it's less than $10. It measures 10 inches bottom to top. I bought one this past week, on sale, for less than $8. I've done this project several times throughout the years and the apple cider bottles used to measure 12 inches bottom to top with a bit of a narrower neck. I miss the extra 2 inches, but these 10 inchers remain a steal! When cleaned up, they look similar to:

A bottleneck vase from Terrain for $24:

Or these over-sized wine jugs from Pottery Barn, starting at $149

Pottery Barn Oversized Wine Jugs

Or this recycled glass bottle from for $48

Here are the simple steps to creating your own, less than $10 bottleneck jug, along with that free mug of cider:

1. Visit your local Whole Foods store.

2. Purchase and bring home this jug of apple cider. I found mine on sale on the end cap this week.

3. Pour the cider into another container or slowly use the cider throughout the week. Drink now or later!

4. Fill up your kitchen sink with warm water. I typically add 2 Tablespoons of vinegar and 1 Tablespoon dish soap.

Soak the cider bottle and then begin to peel the label off. Dry the bottle.

5. Heat up a cup of cider!

6. Enjoy your jar! Check out last week's post on arranging magnolia stems!

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