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Inspire: Kitchen Backsplash, Client Project

We are preparing for an upcoming client consultation and starting to pull pictures together for their potential kitchen backsplash project. Our client thinks she is interested in a subway tile. Currently, her kitchen hosts white cabinets and grey-ish solid surface countertops. I can't wait to take a peek next week at her current kitchen space.

I've pulled together a few inspiration ideas for her, some with a traditional subway, but also some less traditional subway patterns and tile sizes. I also threw in a few different tiles and non-subway ideas all together. We'll start with the subway tile:

There's the oversized subway tile:

Source: Pam Sessions, Hedgewood Homes

I've always loved a penny hexagon tile:

Source: Studio M

Perhaps a glass mosaic?

Maybe a mix with the old and the new?

I think I may be way off here, but I still like the look (so much that we have done this in our kitchen)! Shiplap in the kitchen:

A traditional subway tile:

Source: Pam Sessions, Hedgewood Homes

Over-sized subway tile using a vertical pattern:

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