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A Holiday Front Porch

One of my favorite designers, Studio McGee. put out a video a couple of weeks ago on how to style a winter front porch, and let's just say I LOVED it! While Studio McGee is in Utah, I decided to head local, (Franklin, Tennessee local), to put together a similar look. If you are anywhere other than the Nashville, Tennessee area or if you prefer to sit on your sofa and shop, head to McGee and Co .

Here's how it all went down for our Holiday front porch............

1. Inspiration:

Studio McGee Inspiration & Style Credit:

Source: Studio McGee

2. Wood: I grabbed some wood from our wood pile and asked one of my in-house lumbermen A.K.A. my son, James, to give it a fresh chop! I wanted the wood to look fresh and pretty!

3. Shopping: It was time to jump in the car and head to the stores. Here is where we landed:

1. Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium You can find distressed farm buckets in different sizes and shapes in a metal, painted distressed red or painted distressed white. Hurry in because their supply is dwindling.

2. Lowe's Home Improvement These funky pine trees are less than $20. We've owned this guy for over a week and he already has some brown spots......don't judge!!

3. Silver Steer and Company One of my favorite local shops, great for finding the perfect birthday gift, something special for your closet, or decor for your house.

4. Silver Steer and Company

4. Front Door Wreath

Next up was decision time on a front door wreath. My uncle happened to be in town and made me two fabulous wreaths, a grapevine and a magnolia, but neither ended up working. One was too big and the other too small.

Back in the car for a little shopping! I came across this $12 gem at Trader Joe's and thought it would be perfect!

That wraps it up for the Holiday front porch here in Tennessee!

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