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A Holiday Front Porch

One of my favorite designers, Studio McGee. put out a video a couple of weeks ago on how to style a winter front porch, and let's just say I LOVED it! While Studio McGee is in Utah, I decided to head local, (Franklin, Tennessee local), to put together a similar look. If you are anywhere other than the Nashville, Tennessee area or if you prefer to sit on your sofa and shop, head to McGee and Co .

Here's how it all went down for our Holiday front porch............

1. Inspiration:

Studio McGee Inspiration & Style Credit:

Source: Studio McGee

2. Wood: I grabbed some wood from our wood pile and asked one of my in-house lumbermen A.K.A. my son, James, to give it a fresh chop! I wanted the wood to look fresh and pretty!

3. Shopping: It was time to jump in the car and head to the stores. Here is where we landed:

4. Front Door Wreath

Next up was decision time on a front door wreath. My uncle happened to be in town and made me two fabulous wreaths, a grapevine and a magnolia, but neither ended up working. One was too big and the other too small.

Back in the car for a little shopping! I came across this $12 gem at Trader Joe's and thought it would be perfect!

That wraps it up for the Holiday front porch here in Tennessee!

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