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Inspire: Kitchen Shiplap and Floating Shelving, Client Project

When I met with a client this past week, our discussion over a tile backsplash morphed into kitchen shiplap walls and floating shelving! She mentioned that painting her existing cabinets, which are currently white, is a possibility in the future as well as updating the kitchen door hardware and ultimately island and countertop. Her long-term goal is a slow kitchen transformation, strategically planned and budgeted, but starting with the backsplash. She is speaking my language......planning and budgeting!

Leaving the project, I was tasked with researching kitchen shiplap and shelving options.

Here Are My Ten Favorite Kitchen Shiplap and Floating Shelving Inspiration Pictures:

1. I really like to see how designs work the corners, to carry over or stick with one wall!

Source: Design Indulgence

2. I typically opt for stained shelving, as seen in these pictures:

Source: The Inspired Room

3. When talking with our client, we discussed using external exposed hardware versus invisible, floating shelving.


4. Forget the shelving, how about the brass it!

Source: Studio McGee

5. I'm paying close attention to what happens where the ceiling meets the wall: no crown, just simplicity!

Source: DecorPad

6. Again, loving how the stained shelves contrast against the white shiplap.

Source: Salt Design Company

7. Need any styling tips for long floating shelves, look no further!


8. You can't go wrong with the classic black on white!

Source: Simon Project Design

9. Ways to turn the corner with floating shelving:

Source: Deconome

10. How about this for an updated cabinet color? Love!!!!!

Source: Salt Design Company

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