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Nashville's ATM Cupcake Machine

An ATM cupcake machine, yes you read this correctly. If you venture out to 12th South in Nashville, Tennessee bring your credit card and sweet tooth to experience this clever machinery at Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. And sorry friends, there's no drive-thru here. At Sprinkles ATM, I'll guarantee that you'll find the most fun $4.50 cupcake you'll ever buy and's yummy too!

Have I sparked your curiosity? You'll find this little gem on 2606 12th avenue south, nestled beside Reese Witherspoon's ever popular retail shop, Draper James.

The most difficult part to obtaining your ATM cupcake may actually be finding a parking spot. From here, the steps are quite simple! Here's what you can expect:

1. LOOK: Just like your average ATM machine, you'll take a look at the little touch screen to select your cupcake of choice. You can usually expect 10 or so flavors to choose from. And don't leave Fido at home because there's a pup cupcake for him as well.

2. SELECT: Make your cupcake selection by touching the screen

3. PAY: Insert the plastic to pay.

4. DANCE: Practice your dance moves as you listen to the music and attempt to wait patiently.

5. ENJOY: Voila! The door opens and your cupcake packaged in a special brown box magically appears! And if I didn't mention this earlier, bring a friend because cupcakes are always better with friends!!

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