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Nashville Tennessee Pizza: Taking The Personal Pizza To A New Level

There’s lots of chatter around the relatively new Slim & Huskys Pizza. If there’s chatter around food, I’ve got to venture out to try it.

Franklin people, it’s worth the drive. And here’s the thing, Nashville is driveable. I’m an Atlanta transplant, so for me, driving around Nashville is no thing. Hop in you car and head north up I-65 and here's what you can expect:

1. Plan To Wait In Line: Guess what, there is a reason for the line. Like really amazing pizza. I’ve heard that on the weekends the line is often out the door. For me, a late lunch, on Friday afternoon meant a line in the store. While you are waiting, you may start dancing. '90s hip hop and R & B from Dr. Dre to Boys To Men were playing in the background.

2. Be ready to order: You can order your standard pepperoni pizza, but there are several house specialties. I highly recommend steering away from your typical pizza and ordering a house specialty. I opted for the P.R.E.A.M. Today’s version of a supreme with a little vitamin A kick (spinach). Then decide your size: slim or husky. I went slim and was glad I did.

3. Personalize & Pay: Your name gets written on the parchment and that baby goes in the revolving oven. You grab a token according to your pizza size: "slim" or "husky" and head to the register to pay. P.S. Hang on to that receipt, because you will need to show it when your pizza is ready.

4. Sauce It Up: While you wait for your pizza to cook, head over to the sauce station where you will find an enormous selection of yummy sauces: chipotle BBQ, jalapeno cilantro ranch, peachy mustard, and sriracha mayo to name a few!

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