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Sweets Around Franklin, Tennessee

Are you looking for a last minute sweet for your sweetheart? Franklin residents, with less than 24 hours until Valentine's Day, it may be time for a last minute run. Today, I'm sharing 4 quick spots around Franklin to grab your sweetheart a last minute Valentine's treat for his or her sweet tooth. I'll list in order of closing time.

When: They state that they close at 6 pm on weekdays or when sold out. My prediction is for a 2- 3pm ish close time on Valentine's Day, so get out behind your desk or off your sofa and head to Five Daughters Bakery.

What: One of my personal favorite places to go when my sweet tooth is throbbing, these guys are known to bring the New York style donut meets croissant, AKA, the cronut, down south to Tennessee. Hundreds of layers of light fluffy sweetness piled high in the shape of a donut. If your sweetheart is a Paleo fan, grab a Paleo donut. On the menu in February, my person favorites are the Cinnamon Chocolate Hazelnut and for the Paleo fans, the Chocolate Chip. While I can't speak for the Vegan donut options, I can say that I love their chocolate chip cookies. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any selection at Five Daughters Bakery!

Where: You'll find Five Daughters Bakery in the Franklin Factory at 230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37064

Next Stop........

When: On weekdays, closing time is at 6 pm.

What: I love the itty bitty bundtinis because they are the perfect quench for the sweet tooth without feeling like you are over-indulging. A dozen will run you about $20 and you'll have the flavor options of Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry or Lemon. Bundtinins come packaged in a super cute sealed box. Also on the menu are the slightly larger mini bundts, AKA bundtlet along with 8 inch, 10 inch or tiered cakes.

Where: 535 Cool Springs Boulevard, Suite 110 Franklin

Next Stop..........

When: On weekdays, closing time is 6pm

What: If you want to purchase a unique on-the-go breakfast for your sweetie, run into Honest Coffee Roasters, and grab a hand-made, fruit-filled poptart. Guess who makes these poptarts.......Five Daughter's Bakery (FDB)! You'll find these special treats light, flaky and with the perfect amount of fruity sweetness. They follow the FDB standard: no chemical preservatives, no genetically modified organisms, no hydrogenated oils, no soy and no artificial colors or flavors. The treats are made daily from scratch and sourced locally and fresh. As I mentioned earlier, everything out of the Five Daughter's Bakery is amazing.

Where: Honest Coffee Roasters, is also located in the Franklin Factory, you'll find Honest Roasters at 230 Franklin Rd. STE 11A Franklin

Next Stop.........

When: If you have really procrastinated, Kilwin's maybe your place, as they are open until 9pm on weekdays.

What: Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store, if you can't find something here to satisfy the chocoholic in your life, you are in big trouble. Choices range from the classic caramel apple, to fudge, to most anything dipped in chocolate. When we were done here, our Valentine's treat bag was filled with chocolate covered rice crispy treats, chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels.

Where: 535 Cool Springs Boulevard, Suite 110 Franklin

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! -Jenn

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