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Doorless Showers

For us, on our last two shower renovations, we opted to lose the shower door. So what about you - do you need a shower door? Shower door considerations:

1. Water splash: With the shower running.......and you in it, does water splash out onto the floor? If your answer is yes, you need a shower door.

2. Cleaning: Do you enjoy cleaning soap scum and other residue off your shower door? If yes, keep the shower door.

3. Budget: Shower doors may be a line item on your renovation plans for over $1,000. Do you have the money to spend, or would you like to save those dollars?

4. Temperature: I am a fan of a really hot shower. Like so hot, I have red marks from the hot water, so naturally a concern of mine was temperature. Does the water stay hot enough for me? The answer: absolutely. I have found that the doorless shower option, has no impact on the heat or temperature comfort of my shower.

If water splash is not an issue and you have no desire to clean a shower door, or maybe you are looking to save some money on your bathroom or shower renovation, you are likely a candidate to scratch the shower door from you renovation plans. Here are a few doorless shower inspiration photos:

Source: Stanton Homes

Source: Simply Home

Source: Remodelista

Source: Homeizy

Are you selling a home in need of a shower update? Are you buying a home in need of a shower update? Are you living in a home in need of a shower update? If you answered yes to any of the above, please contact me (see contact link on our home page) to discuss how we can help you!


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