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Ladd Park Laundry Room, Before and After

Who's in need of more laundry room storage? If you are one with builder grade ventilated shelving, you are likely raising your hand for more storage options. When we met with our latest client, she simply wanted a place to put all of the "stuff" that accumulates in a downstairs laundry room. We discussed many options from a 15-inch tall by 30-inch wide cabinets with a drop zone below in one corner, to a wall of cabinets, or maybe corner cabinets with shelving and shiplap in between. She ultimately decided on 15-inch by 30-inch cabinets stacked atop 30-inch by 30-inch cabinets in each corner with the perfect hanging rod in between!

Do you need a simple laundry room update? Are you in your forever home or are you preparing to sell your home? Let me consult with you on your space needs!- Jenn

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