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One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Rec Room Week 2: Flooring

I hit the ground running with the One Room Challenge, so fast that I skipped week one! Whoopsie!!! On the ORC for fall 2018, I'm sharing the transformation of our bonus room. Actually, bonus room #2. It's a room that leads into bonus room #1 (Bonus room #1 = the man cave). Bonus room #2 had no real purpose. With 4 kids in the house and 2 full-time working adults, the purpose of this room was easily defined as: 1. Teen Overflow Room and 2. Adult Office.

We needed something similar to the color of the flooring downstairs, the sand and finish white oak, in a natural finish. Also on our list was using something that wouldn’t bust the piggy bank and something that was relatively easy to install. The Harmony snap and click flooring from Costco fit the criteria.

We found out the hard way that there are a few extra tools needed for this install. You'll find the number to call to purchase these items on the back of the flooring packaging. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of tools.

Tools needed for install

We rolled up the sleeves up on this one, and I'll admit it was a little more work than anticipated......cutting the old carpet, pulling up the staples, removing the tack strips, and not to forget, getting rid of all the old carpet! Because this room connected to our main long hallway upstairs, we decided it made sense to add this flooring to the long hallway and create a continuous flooring from the hallway into the rec room.

We hired our teenagers to remove the staples from the subfloor. Our initial weekend rate was 4 staples for $1. The good news is that we have not doubt they will eagerly volunteer to remove staples in the future. The bad news is that Jason and I were out $100 bucks!! Recommended staple to dollar rate: 8 staples = $1!!

Thanks for taking a look at our snap and click flooring adventure. Stay tuned for more on our rec room space, including a built in daybed, custom desk and storage organization system.

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live. - Jenn

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