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One Room Challenge Spring 2018: Week 2: Day Bed in The Office

Our office has the perfect spot for a daybed. As I mentioned last week, our office serves as more of a multipurpose room, so if you are questioning why a daybed in the office, here's your answer: 1. The teenagers are in here watching tv, 2. We periodically have the need for a guest bed. 3. Built in storage is always a plus! 4. We just happen to have an unused, single mattress that needs a place to call home!

The following pictures are serving as our inspiration for our daybed space in the office!

Source: Savvy Home

Source: Magnolia

Here is our space, before we moved in:

Here we are starting on the daybed! To begin, we purchased two unfinished oak cabinets to be used for the base of the bed. I primed and painted these prior to installation.

With the baseboard removed and the carpet ripped up, Jason established the base or platform for the cabinets to rest on.

With the cabinets in place, Jason ran slats on top to support the mattress platform. He also established supports along the back wall.

Finally, the plywood platform for the mattress was installed.

While we didn't totally get finished with the daybed this week, I'll leave you with this image of the newly installed door hardware on the daybed cabinets! Stay tuned for more updates on our Spring 2018 one room challenge office space next Thursday!

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