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Building A Built-in Daybed

Not only did we have an extra rec room in the house, we also had an extra single mattress hanging out. We established the purpose of this room as an overflow space when the teens need a break from each other, but also as an office for my growing business. With this purpose in mind, the equation quickly became:

Teen space + Extra Mattress = Built-In Daybed

It was really easy for me to find inspiration for this part of our project, possibly because I have been dreaming about a built-in daybed for years ! While this daybed isn't a built-in, I love the symmetry and style!

Designer: Charlotte Lucas Source: Domino

Designer: Joanna Gaines Source: Magnolia Homes

Designer: Syd McGee Source: Studio McGee

With enough visual inspiration, Jason got the idea and drew up our game plan.

Here's how we built our daybed:

1. Cabinets: Decide what cabinets you want to use...... pre-finished??? unfinished??? size- height and width???. I knew that I wanted to paint the base of the bed a navy blue, so we opted for an unfinished cabinet. We purchased 2 sets of unfinished refrigerator cabinets. I went ahead and sanded, primed and painted these prior to install.

2. Floors: We posted last week on the floors in the space. We typically run our sand and finish hardwoods under our kitchen cabinets and the same with tile under our bathroom vanities. For this space, however, we opted not to run flooring under the cabinets. The flooring is floating- no glue, no nails and because of this, we felt like we may get a better grip and better stability securing the cabinets directly to the subfloor. Bottom line, you need to decide which is the better option for you regarding flooring and plan accordingly.

3. Secure The Base: Jason built a base with 2x4s and secured it to the subfloor. Previous baseboard should be removed so that the new base can be properly secured.

4. Create a Stabilizing Area For the Future Mattress Platform: Jason created a stabilizing platform with 2x4s along wall. This stabilizing platform allows the mattress platform to be secured to the wall and allows you to create expansion space, which is needed, depending on your mattress size.. The 2x4s hit the studs in at least 2 spots for added strength. These 2x4s should be installed higher than the cabinets to allow for 2x4s to be installed on top of the cabinets (see below).

5. Create the Mattress Platform: Because you do not want the mattress resting solely on the cabinets, you'll want a mattress platform. Jason used 3/4 inch plywood. Install multiple 2x4 on top of the cabinets that will allow for the plywood to be secured. These 2x4s should fit level with the previously installed 2x4s along the wall (see #4).

6. Finishing touches: We added trim and another coat of paint......and then waited to see if it would pass inspections. First up was the four legged inspection!

I hope this inspires you to build something you've always wanted! Don't shy away from shared spaces! They have worked for us! Thanks to the One Room Challenge, for inspiring me to share this project and special space!

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live- Jenn

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