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Stairwell Inspiration

I recently consulted with a client who was looking for a solution to the stairwell dirtiness. If you have kids, you might know what I am talking about.........those dirty hand prints ands smudges that run under and above the handrail or all along your stairwell walls. My client's thought was that molding along her stairwell was the solution. We discussed shiplap along with some other molding ideas. I went home looking for a little visual inspiration and here is what I came up with:

Board and Batten:

The Panel Look:

Source: Spenc Design


Board And Batten On A Grid:

Source: Home Bunch

Another Board and Batten:

Source: Unknown

What do you think? Could any of these tidy up your stairwell? Stay tuned to find out my client's stairwell solution!

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