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Five Master Bath Renovation Items Everyone Wants

Not only have we been running through a marathon of bathroom renovations this spring, I've also been showing lots of Nashville properties. Working with everyone- buyers, sellers and what I like to call lifers (those people who plan to be in their house for a very long time), there seem to be 5 major renovation items everyone wants in his/her bathroom. Drum roll please! And here they are.......The Five Master Bathroom Renovation Items Everyone Wants:

1. An Updated Shower: A clean shower is a must, but an updated shower is even better.

2. Countertop: Loose the tile countertop, cultured marble or laminate and opt for updated granite, quartz, quartzite or marble.

3. Vanity: Today's standard bathroom vanity height is 34.5 inches, while old out-dated bathroom vanities may have heights as short as 29 inches. We suggest vanity heights meet today's standards.

4. Floors: Whether its 1970's pink 3x3 square tiles or 1990's 12x12 squares, for top dollar market price, everyone wants updated flooring!

5. Walls: Do your walls have out-dated faux finishes or textures or old wallpaper? Today's buyers are looking for clean walls.

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