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The Donut And The Dog

Pick your poison..........gourmet donuts or gourmet hot dogs. And then plan to wash either down with a beer or a latte. My daughter and I made the trek from Franklin in to Nashville, TN to see what the hype was about with The Donut and The Dog. An old house, converted into a restaurant and strategically positioned between Belmont and Vanderbilt University; we found this restaurant to be the most delicious. Our only suggestion, plan to get your 30 minutes of cardio in before visiting. Your heart will thank you after eating here!

The menu required a little translation, but ultimately I went with the "Not So Basic" also described as the bacon wrapped dog and for Ashley, the "Flying Hawaiian".

Let me just say that I am not sure which was better, the bun or the dog. The bun had a slight sweetness to compliment the salty dog . I believe it was possibly the freshest bun I think I have ever sunk my teeth into and it had the perfect buttery crispy coating.

Ashley's "Flying Hawaiian" an artisinal dog with a salsa topping consisting of pineapple, a hint of teriyaki sweetness and a touch of a bacon crunch. Ashley is the kid who orders pineapple and ham pizza, so she didn't think twice when it came to ordering a pineapple hot dog. She sucked every last bite of this pineapple dog down and in her words, it was "amazing"!

And those fries......................oh my! Those fries deserve their own special conversation! Known as "Loco Fries" on the menu, we called them delish! Perfectly seasoned with house seasoning and not too crunchy, but not too soggy. They also didn't disappointed. For an up-charge, you can substitute the house specialty truffle fries for the loco fries. Ashley and I promised that we would try those truffle fries next time!

Now on to dessert! Brioche donuts, that's the specialty. While I've never heard of brioche dough, an employee described it as hand kneeded dough that rises and then is kneeded. This process continues up to 20 times before the dough is ready to fry, making this dough light, fluffy and moist!

Very difficult decisions!

We went home with a dozen! Now, don't have sticker shock when you go to check out because at $4-$5 per donut, this is no cheap breakfast. Do the math.......5 x12. Yes, a dozen gourmet donuts isn't cheap, but definitely tasty and totally worth the splurge. Here is what we went home with:

Spring into Summer: An iced donut with raspberry icing with a tiny hint of basil and a little squirt of bourbony syrup. That little contraption sticking in the donut is your sweet bourbon flavored squeeze so take it out and squeeze it onto the donut.

The Ring of Fire: Good but spicy. This fudge glazed donut's raspberry jam and cayenne kicks you in the butt after you swallow. Warning: it packs some heat!

The Dirty Churro: Definitely our favorite! A hint of cinnamon with crumbled Oreo on top, need I say more! Oh and an espresso drizzle, that can either be heated at the restaurant for you to dip the donut into or packed in a tiny container for you to take home with you.

Sweet Baby Jesus. Or as I ordered it, Sweet Baby James! If you are a creme brulee fan, this is your jam! It's described as triple creme bruleed shell with a vanilla filling. Yumm!!

To compliment the sweetness of the donut, you must try a latte, not just for the flavor, but the art. The Donut and The Dog's coffee and espresso menu is solid and the latte art is impressive!

My belly was so full, but I ordered a latte anyway. I almost didn't leave with a top for my latte because I wanted to stare at the beautiful colors!

Whether you live in or around Nashville, I highly recommend a visit to The Donut and The Dog. Breakfast, lunch or dinner or a beer or a latte they've got you covered!

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Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live. - Jenn


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