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Before & After Master Bathroom: Ladd Park

We had clients recently contact us who were on a quest for a master bathroom update. These folks wanted a bathroom project completed specifically with the resale of their home in mind. Looking to put their house on the market in the next 12-18 months, they wanted something that was affordable and something that would appeal to a majority of buyers. The project was completed in 2 phases, with phase 1 occurring over the winter and phase 2 occurring in late spring. Here are four ways we helped these guys out:

1. Countertops

2. Mirrors

3. Tub Surround

4. Shower


Everyone knows about the builder grade cultured marble countertop. Not the marble that you and I dream of today, but a material with a small makeup of marble, and the ever so popular built-in sinks (not really)!

In today's real estate market, buyers who are willing to pay top of the market pricing, really expect to have some type of solid service countertop- granite, quartzite or marble in the master bathroom. For this bathroom countertop, we installed a carrara marble, with an undermount rectangular sink and updated faucets!


This home had builder grade mirrors. The kind glued in several spots on the wall, just deep enough to make it nearly impossible to pull off. The mirrors were taped up, hammered off and disposed.

Tub Surround

Tub surround and the shower were completed in phase 2 of this project. The current tub was kept in place, faucet remained, but a new tiled surround was installed.


Shower Tile

This master shower consisted of a boring fiberglass insert. By removing the fiberglass insert and adding walls, we gained a solid 6 important inches in the shower.


I can't wait for this property to hit the market! I feel confident this couple will get their money back on this renovation project! Do you have a renovation project to knock out before your house hits the market? If so, call us and let us take care of your renovation and real estate needs.

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live. - Jenn

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