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IKEA Kitchen Before and After

We recently completed another IKEA kitchen renovation, and again, in our very own kitchen. Here are links, just in case you missed our IKEA kitchen 1 and IKEA Kitchen 2 renovation.

Here's what we decided was worth repeating in our IKEA kitchen:

1. Purchasing the cabinets during the IKEA Kitchen sale in order to save 20%

2. Installing a floating island

3. 40 inch uppers

4. Slide in range, so there is no fuss with wall mounted oven(s) and cabinet assembly

5. Glass them!

What we wouldn't repeat in our IKEA Kitchen:

1. The 36 inch base cabinets with drawers. We were disappointed with drawer assembly in this widest base, the 36 inch base with drawers.

2. A coffee bar with upper cabinets. There's not enough room to prep your coffee pot in the morning!

More before and afters:

In a few weeks, I'll "rewind" this kitchen renovation to let you know how it all came together.

Thanks for visiting and let me know if you have any questions! Remember, whether you are renovating a kitchen or selling your house. Call me to take care of all of your residential needs from renovation to real estate!

Design.Renovate.Buy.Sell.Live. - Jenn

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