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A Built-In Office Desk

It's Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and we are talking built-in desks. With our growing renovation and real estate business, a desk was definitely needed in our new multipurpose space. Here's the blank slate we started with:

The biggest decision on this part of the project was material for the desktop. I thought about a butcher block slab top:

Designer: Susan Dudley

And then there is the MDF top, or possibly a solid surface?

But what we went with were 2, 2x12 pine boards. As often in our decisions, money was the biggest driver. This was the most affordable option and with the long span we knew we could get a seamless length.

We decided with our long run, the best option was to have a His and Her's desk space, so we added a built-in to separate the desks. This center divide was great for storage was also a big stability support for the long run.

Next weeks post concludes this space. With one room housing an office organization system, the built in his and her's desk, and the daybed for the kids, I hope you'll check back for our final reveal.

Head to the One Room Challenge for more amazing design ideas and spaces.

If you are in the Nashville, Tennessee or surrounding areas, please give me a call for all of your design, renovation and real estate needs!

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live.- Jenn

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