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Leeland: Before And After, A Fireplace Refresh

A client approached us wanting to transform her main level formal living room into a teen space. She said, no one in her house ever used the formal space, so why not make it fun and inviting for her teenagers.......AND an easy to supervise space. Her vision included double barn doors, an air hockey or pool table, swinging papasan chair, sectional, a fireplace refresh with shiplap, and a flat screen tv........teenagers, do we have your attention??

First stop in this space was the fireplace refresh. What's best about this project??? Her husband called us to schedule and organize it as his wife's surprise birthday present! So, we scheduled it and on her birthday, I packed up the car and headed over! Best birthday surprise ever!!!!

To completed this fireplace project we did two main things:

1. Floor to Ceiling Shiplap

2. Chunky Stained Mantle

As pretty typical with our jobs, I started demo, Jason installed, and then I finished with painting, staining and a little polyurethaning. If you need a visual, here you go!

Old mantle layers removed, but more to go!

With sides framed, Jason hits the ground running with the shiplap.

Our supervisor, eating on the job!!! Now that the floor to ceiling shiplap is installed, the mantle begins.

Installation...check! First coat of paint.....check! Next up, polyurethane!

As you have seen, the mantle isn't a solid beam. Instead we have "pieced" our mantle together. We do this because it's a more economical option and less likely to sag due to sagging.

One of my favorites, a picture from our happy client with her fireplace styled! Thank you for the opportunity to complete this project and Happy Birthday!

Do you have a refresh project in your house? Whether you are buying, selling or living, please give me a call!

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live. -Jenn

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