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Buy and Renovate: Master Bath Before and After

Some clients purchased a home with me this summer and then hired us to turn their half bath and third bedroom into a master bath. It was an amazing transformation!

So A. (the existing half bath) met with B. (former nursery) and became C. the new master bath!

An older ranch, this property featured 3 bedrooms and 1 and 1/2 baths. My clients, the new owners, wanted a dedicated master bath and large master closet. Utilizing the full third bedroom along with the half bath, we were able to make dreams come true!

Let the project begin!

With demo done, it was time to frame. This really allowed the homeowner to understand the flow of the space.

Our team of experts, started the fun part!

Repurpose and refinish! Gorgeous 1 inch hardwoods were worth salvaging. Our team was able to reinstall removed hardwoods to fill a few gaps in the closet and in the master bedroom.

Vanity and flooring installed!

Glass install, sheet rock touch ups and paint wrapped this project up!

We think we kicked this one out of the park. Special requests included: the double shower head feature, a shower bench, room in the shampoo bar for two, custom storage, and an extra window of glass. We think we satisfied all of those requests! Take a look:

Are you are in need of a bathroom renovation? If you are buying, selling or living, give me a buzz!

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live. - Jenn

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