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An Office Peg Board Organizer

It's week 4 of the One Room Challenge, and today I'm sharing our peg board organizer. Remember our room is providing two purposes: teen space and an office.

One day, while searching the web for inspiration and ideas, I came across this peg board organizer. I knew that, one day, I wanted to re-create this for my office.

Source: Studio McGee

The Peg Board Office Organizer Recipe:

Supplies Needed: Peg Board (We used 2 sheets), Wooden strips (for us these were some 1 inch by 48 inch scraps), Paint (we used Ben Moore, Hale Navy), Paint brush or roller, finish nails for the nail gun, peg board organizer

Tools Needed: Paint roller, air compressor, stud finder, level

Steps To Install A Peg Board Office Organizer:

1. Paint your pegboard prior to installation day. I rolled 2 sheets of peg board with the Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. FYI, your roller may pick up little pegboard debris or lint. It's annoying, but I still preferred to roll this instead of brushing.

2. Install the pegboard. For our angled ceiling, Jason used the following paper trick to find out the appropriate angled cut for the peg board and used his table saw for the appropriate angled cut.

3. Find the studs and nail the strips to the wall. These strips will allow you to anchor the pegboard to the wall. You'll want a minimum of an upper and a lower strip. To get this peg board level, Jason found it easiest to level the top strips and then attach the top of the pegboard to the top strip.

4. Organize! Now that your peg board is installed, it's time for the fun part! If you don't have any peg board organizers, head to your local hardware store and purchase some! Here's a sneak peak of our peg board organizer. Stay tuned to the one room challenge for our final reveal.

Thanks to the One Room Challenge, for the inspiration to share this project! Head to the ORC website for more design ideas and project inspiration! And don't forget that you too can share your story!

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live- Jenn


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