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Cannonwood Master Bath Before and After

Best Christmas gift ever???? One guess.....a new house??? Close! How about a renovated master bath? We were called in to help deliver an amazing Christmas gift for a Franklin family. Starting the first week in December and finishing just in time for the first shower on Christmas eve.

On this one we were asked to get rid of the old garden tub and create an amazing walk in shower. Also on the wish list was a separate room for the toilet. Drawers in the vanity for organization and a little more counter top space finished this one off. Guess what, Santa brought everything and more!

There was no private toilet room in this master bath, but we found a spot in the former shower.

The garden tub was removed and in came the most magnificent walk in shower.

One of the challenges with this new walk in shower was what to do with the existing window. Ultimately, the brick mason was brought in to install brick glass. 2/3 privacy block and 1/3 to allow the true natural light through.

I do think it turned out so beautiful!

A few favorite features beyond the soft close doors and drawers.......the quartz shower bench and the rain shower head with the hand held!

This view definitely changed!


Do you need help with a renovation in the house you live in, the house you want to sell or buy? If so, please call or message me!

Real Estate. Renovate. Design. - Jenn


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