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Redwing Bathroom: Before and After



We were recently called to complete a bathroom renovation project in a Franklin home in the Redwing subdivision. The kids didn't use this secondary bathroom anymore, except for teeth and hair, and who could blame was was tired and........ it needed an update. The plans included a new vanity and countertop, a kiss goodbye to the wall mirror and leaf patterned vinyl. And lastly, a new tub and subway tile surround.

So, we measured twice and then the party started!

Scroll through to check out some of our demo day!

We acquired a new supervisor along the way!

Scroll through to see some of the work during the process!

And for the fun part! The final product!

Are you in the market for a home renovation? Are you buying a house that needs a bathroom remodel, are you selling a house that needs a bathroom remodel, or are you living in a house that needs a bathroom remodel? Whether you are buying, selling or living, my team is here to help you! Message me for assistance on your next bathroom remodel and real estate needs.

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live. - Jenn


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