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Building at the Bay Window was like Putting Together a 6 Layer Cake!

I've decided that building at the bay window was like putting together a 6 layer cake. So many layers, so much patience during the process, and so much reward when it's all done! So here's to our "cake layers":

Layer One: Installing Angled 2 x 4s for a stable backside

Layer Two: Installing Plywood for Stability and Surface for the Shiplap (repurposed from underneath our tile countertops)

Layer Three: Installing 2x4x for Surface for our End Posts

Layer Four: Facing the End Posts (whoohoo, we are using repurposed wood from the deconstructed entertainment center in the den)

Layer Five: Adding the Baseboard Molding

Steps 4 and 5: Building at the Bay

Layer Six: The final Layer! Facing with Shiplap (using our money saving underlayment)

I believe it's time for the icing! Stay tuned for the final reveal! Baking time for this project (for those with day jobs) is 1.5 weekends!

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