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Before and After: Kitchen Floating Shelving

Woohoo!!!! The floating shelving is up!!! I did a post a few weeks ago about floating shelving inspiration. I really had hoped to install floating shelving with invisible hardware, but it didn't take a math genius to realize that this was going to be a little more expensive than I had planned. One company had me spending $720 for 3 shelves while another was going to be around $660 for 3 shelves, along with a 5 week wait. Mama doesn't have time or the budget for that! I headed to Hobby Lobby to look at hardware and to Home Depot for some pine boards and masonry anchors. I opted for 12-inch deep shelves and stained the wood with a dark walnut stain. I am happy to say that I was well under the $660 mark when these shelves were done!


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