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Fall 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 2: The Laundry Room: Demo, New Floors and The Start of the Cubbie

With four kids we are always looking for ways to better organize and we've fallen in love with the drop zone and cubby concept. So much so, that in our last two home renovations, we made sure to find space for the "drop zone".

Home #2 renovation and home #1 renovation with drop zone area:

I'm excited with our current home because it allows us to locate the drop zone into space that I believe is the perfect place for the drop zone, the laundry room. We are attempting to work this laundry room project in with the 6 week, One Room Challenge (guest participant), which means we have six weeks to finish this project and every Wednesday, we will showcase our progress.

Here's what we accomplished during week one:

1. Our contractor demoed the floor and old closet.

2. Our contractor installed the new floors and did some sheetrock repair.

3. Jason started part one of the cubby build and installed one of four new cabinets.

4. I stained and painted.

The demolition took place...........buh-bye old closet:

The old closet is gone and makes the space feel so much larger! Our contractor did an awesome job with the floors. The new flooring updates the space for sure! Jason went ahead and installed one cabinet in order to start the cubbies.

The Hubs started the cubbies. We didn't get quite as much done as we had hoped, partly due to the rain associated with hurricane Nate(maybe also because the kids had flag football and soccer games and then we couldn't miss watching our football teams.....Go South Carolina Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers!).

Our stopping point......the bench is in and stained. We are waiting for our contractor to come back to finish up sheetrock repair.

On the agenda for next week: finish cubbies, finish sheetrock work, paint, install cabinets. Check back in with us next Wednesday for an update!

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