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Dining Room: Before and After

The dining room is typically lower on our list as far as renovation projects go; however, since you typically see the dining room when you walk in the front door, it always makes the initial short list. The dining room isn't a budget buster, which is nice, and ours typically come with these standard series of changes:

1. Lighting Update: This was one of the first things we did! We lost the ceiling fan and purchased this light from Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium.

2. Color Update: We opted for Sherwin Williams urbane bronze with color matched Benjamin Moore decor white for the molding and trim.

3. Molding Update: Our dining room molding updates have varied from a shiplap look to a board and batten.

Also, during this remodel: The Hole in the Wall:

This dining room had a picture frame cut-out which allowed those sitting in the dining room to wave and say "hey" to those sitting in the den. We had our contractor close this in and sheetrock. The first picture was taken when our dining room doubled as kitchen storage during the kitchen renovation, so pardon the mess!

What's left to do??? Here's the list: 1. Window treatments, 2. Add a little more to the molding, 3. Update photos and frames in the gallery wall.

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