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Best Family Photographer in Franklin, Tennessee

Elaine Drabik Photography is one of my favorite local Franklin photographers! I'll admit Elaine is a personal friend of mine, so maybe I'm a little biased. I've had the privilege of watching Elaine launch her business and I've seen it grow tremendously over the years. I know it's partly because she brings her warm and caring personality to every shoot, but it's also because she shoots amazing images. Whether you meet at that perfect location, you travel to her, or she comes to you, Elaine always catches that perfect moment wherever she is.

Elaine's niche is photographing infants, families, high school seniors and working professionals. Here are some shots Elaine took for a local personal trainer and nutrition coach.

While taking amazing family photos, she also somehow seems to frequently have the ability to capture the perfect sunset.

And the babies.....aren’t babies always the favorite?

I'll leave you with one of my personal favorites from Elaine of our very own Hatchette caboose! Elaine has the ability to bring in special or memorable props in photos. In this case, Elaine was able to use an old metal milk carton container, something that I found in my late Grandmother's garage.

And because I can't leave my big kids out, here is a favorite impromptu picture that Elaine captured of the big kids!

If you are looking for someone to capture a special photo, please call Elaine Drabik, with Elaine Drabik Photography and make your appointment today!

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