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Family Friendly Spots Around Nashville (And our Favorite Nashville Orthodontic Group)

It's Sunday Funday and I want to share a few family friendly fun spots around Nashville, but I first want to put a quick plug in for our orthodontist. I was recently reminded why I love our orthodontist, Gluck Orthodontics. Knowing that Lauren was close to needing braces, I contemplated finding someone in the Franklin area. Gluck Orthodontics is very close to work for me, but 22 miles from our house. After visiting a Franklin orthodontist, I went to Dr. Gluck for a second opinion. Ashley is finishing up orthodontic treatment with Gluck and James and Lauren have been followed by Dr. Gluck and his son, Dr. Jono over the last few years. After our second opinion, I was reminded of the three simple reasons we love Gluck Orthodontics:

1. Trust: I've consulted Gluck Orthodontics for second opinions for two of our kids and what I find is a conservative approach and a detailed explanation on his recommendation. When braces go on for the first time, or they know one of my kids might be nervous about treatment, I get a personal phone call later that day from the doctor. I really feel as though they treat my kids like their own.

2. Environment: When the Hatchette caboose joins us, I'm not worried about what she'll do. She moves from the ice cream freezer(each patient chooses free ice cream from the freezer), to the theater room, and then strolls to take a seat and watch her big sister or big brother's treatment or evaluation. Me??? I'll stop by the "Starglucks" coffee bar and make myself a coffee (sometimes the Hatchette Caboose sneaks a hot chocolate in the winter). The big kids find the charging station to charge up their battery-deprived smart phones and then head over for a game of checkers. There is no time for boredom while waiting in the office.

3. Fun: Gluck Orthodontics is engaging. The kids bring home some of the coolest swag (Mom, swag means really cool free stuff): t-shirts, Gluck eos lip balm, hand sanitizer (my favorite), color changing pencils and cups - to name a few. When the kids check in, they often participate in some type of contest sitting on the check-in counter. This often involves guessing how many of "something" might be in a jar. Recently, I believe it was what type of brownies were in the jar. I also recall the contest of how many pencils and another on how many peppermints were in the jar. This summer, Gluck orthodontics sponsored a summer photo scavenger hunt. The summer scavenger hunt required the kids to 1) solve 10 clues related to Dr. Gluck (father) and Dr. Jono (Jonathon Gluck, son) and 2) take a picture with Gluck swag at each spot. Each person who successfully solves the clues and completes the photo entries is entered in a drawing. Three winners are selected from the drawing and all three win cash. kids are in!!!

This scavenger hunt included some of our favorite family friendly spots around Nashville:

1. The 12 South Neighborhood: We found ourselves eating, snacking and shopping our way down 12th South as we made our way to one of the most photographed walls in Nashville, the "I Believe in Nashville Sign." This mural stands for unity, positivity and peace for all of those who love the city of Nashville.

2. The Nashville Sounds: The Sounds are a Triple A team and affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. The Sounds stadium, First Tennessee Park, has been open for three seasons and hosts about 71 home games. Be sure to take in a game of the mini golf at the stadium!

3. The Ryman Auditorium: The Ryman holds 125 years of history, and that's a long time! Known as the Mother Church of Country Music, the Ryman offers self-guided, back stage and group tours. Take in a concert or grab something to eat. There is plenty to do and see at The Ryman.

4. The Parthenon: The Parthenon is the centerpiece of Centennial Park, one of Nashville's urban parks. The re-creation of the 42-foot statue Athena is the focus of the Parthenon just as it was in ancient Greece. Centennial Park will appeal to many: the art lovers, the recreation lovers, the music lovers, and the foodies.

5. The Frist Center: This historic downtown building, now an art museum, once served as the main post office. The Frist Center for the Visual Arts is a nonprofit art-exhibition center, with approximately 24,000 square feet of gallery space, dedicated to presenting the finest visual art from local, state and regional artists, as well as major U.S. and international exhibitions. It is open all days of the week and kids 18 and under are free. The Frist Center features a summer outdoor concert series on Fridays, open to all ages, rain or shine

Enjoy Y'all- Jenn (ps. this post was not sponsored by Gluck Orthodontics)

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